Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding Gown Preservation

Preserve your wedding gown with a TRUE preservation and turn the memory of your special day into an heirloom.

Perhaps someday your daughter or granddaughter will walk down the aisle wearing the same gown that meant so much to you.

Keep your gown in the family the right way with The Preservation Service You Can Trust.

We are the only licensed WEDDING GOWN SPECIALIST and RESTORATION LAB in this area.

In a blind test of four nationally known preservation services, National Bridal Service judged WEDDING GOWN SPECIALIST the cleanest, with the safest packaging, and
the most comprehensive guarantee.

WEDDING GOWN SPECIALISTS are represented in more than 450 cities around the world.

We offer a free evaluation of your gown. We examine the gown for fiber content, test the beads to see if the soften in solvent, determine whether the beads have been glued or sewed on, and examine the dress carefully for spots and stains.

We hand treat and clean each gown individually.

We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process.

Spills containing sugar, salt and acid often dry clear and cannot be seen. Those latent stains do not dissolve during ordinary drycleaning and turn ugly brown over time.

Our unique anti-sugar stain treatment ensures that all sugar, salt, and acid – seen or unseen – is removed.

After the gown has been cleaned, but before it is pressed, you may arrange to come in and inspect your gown.

We layer your own with acid-free tissue, place it in an acid-free premium quality box with an acid-free acetate window for viewing your treasured memories.

We offer two levels of bridal gown preservation:

  • Standard Preservation includes pre-spotting and cleaning of the gown, partial pressing,and packaging in an acid-free preservation box.
  • True Preservation includes pre-spotting and cleaning of the gown, treatment with our unique anti-sugar stain formula, complete pressing and packaging in an acid-free preservation box. This also comes with a 100% written international lifetime guarantee.

You can trust us to give your bridal gown the individual attention it deserves.