Pickup and Delivery

Pickup and Delivery

Our Pickup and delivery service is FREE!

We can pickup and deliver at your home or office.

Our route service is great for those who don’t have a lot of time.

Delivery service has a three-day turn-around; i.e.: clothing picked up on Monday is returned on Thursday; clothing picked up on Tuesday is returned on Friday.

You don’t even have to be home to take advantage of this convenient service. You just designate an area, such as a hook in the garage, for our routeman to make his pickup and delivery.

Our route service is totally cashless. You’ll be set up on our VIP PLUS Service, which provides you with two heavy duty laundry bags with I.D. tags (one with the garments that the driver has picked up, and one at home collecting your soiled garments), and also sets you up with an account that will automatically bill the credit card of your choice.

You will be contacted by our office personnel for Master Card/VISA information to activate this totally cashless system. You can be assured your credit card information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Call 694-7545 to talk to Dawn or Jessica to arrange to begin Pickup and Delivery or CLICK HERE to set up your VIP Plus Membership and Route Service.

Here is what one customer had to say:
“I have a very busy schedule and I don’t always have the time to drop my clothes off at the cleaners. With the delivery service provided by Martino’s, I don’t have to worry about making time for the cleaners. I just bring my laundry to work, leave it in our hall closet, and two days later my clothes come back clean and pressed. It’s as simple as that!” —Mike Bannon