Alterations and Repairs

Alterations and Repairs

Where can you have that new pair of pants shortened? Or how about the hemline on your new skirt or dress? Right here at Martino’s is where.

For the busy person with no time to sew, our experienced personnel can take care of any minor repairs and/or alterations. Whether it’s something small, like sewing on a button or tacking a hem, or something more involved, like replacing a zipper, our staff can handle it.

Martino’s has someone on premise at the Southwest location, we also have someone at the Westside location. If you need to see a seamstress, call Southwest 694-7858 or Westside 654-3901 to set up an appointment.

Don’t know how much you need to have the waist taken in? There are changing rooms available at both the Southwest and Westside locations.

Stop in or call us at our Southwest location (7513 41st Avenue, 694-7858) or Westside location (3917 52nd Street, 654-3901) with any questions.